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I'm a single person who have spent most of my working life in positions of middle manager or as self implored, with trips into the creative world of art with different exhibition's of my paintings/drawings. The last years spent with taking the education, I've newer got when in my younger days. I'm speaking and reading English and German and a bit of French 


1972-1978 GLAZIER; by W.Gade and son 

And old well estimated Glazier firm where my specialties became frames and stainglass windows mostly to churches 

1978-1991 HAD MY OWN GLAZIER SHOP; Levin,s Nørregade Aalborg 

Had a shop with framing and selling of old fashion art, but had to stop couldn't keep up wit the cheap East import 

1991-1994 Foreman; ISS Industri og Skade Service 

Worked as foreman by the international cleaning company but got court in the Asbest renovation department, and that was not me! 

1997 Computer Teacher at night school; L.O.F Storevorde 

Teaching adult people in night school, in Microsoft Works and basic computer 

1998 Made homepage, to Aalborg technical college Building department 


1993-1996 HF (A-level) ; V.U.C Aalborg 

1996- 3D-Graphic: 3D-Studio Auto-CAD by Data institute North Aalborg 

1997 Information assistant with Ms. office pro, windows95, Multimedia - Multimedia-DTP-Corel Draw; by Aalborg Business College 


Working with Frontpage, Pagemill,Dreamweaver Photoshop,Photopaint,3-D studio Max, Auto-CAD, Ms Office Pro, Works, Explorer, Navigator Windows95-98-NT-2000,Adobe Premiere, DOS, HTML.FTP m.m on a daily basis 

Got my first computer in 1982 (c64)and have followed the the development in hardware and software in the years since. My main area is 3D-graphic and Picture enhancement, Art and lately the World Wide Web and html. I'm still amazed at the number of people from all over the world I came in contact with via my homepage 

  April 13, 2003


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